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No selfie can convey the true intimacy of a warm embrace. No studio background can replicate an idyllic childhood in the countryside. These are the little moments we can look back on with the help of photos. Photos that show who we were as children and how our parents were as parents. What will be able to tell these stories better than a picture?


During my master’s thesis in England, I discovered that documenting families is my absolute passion. For two months I accompanied the Wright family with my camera in their home. There, I had my ‘aha!’ moment: I wanted to do this for the rest of my life! Documenting family with all their precious and fleeting moments, and me there capturing all of it.

In 2017, I became a mother myself. And what should I say? Every parent knows that having kids turns their own lives completely upside down! Even my photography style changed. Before I had a baby, I always wanted to capture only the best and beautiful moments. Today it’s the contrast that inspires me: the beauty in total chaos and discovering miracles in the dark side. Being a parent has nothing to do with being Instagrammable and perfectionism. It’s complex, confusing and multi-layered. Today my photos aim to reflect all of these sides.

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Stern Tv Winner

I saw you on STERN TV. Was that a PR stunt?
NO! It wasn’t posed at all. Otherwise, I would have been better dressed and had
smarter answers prepared for the interview 😉 Now you’re wondering what interview I’m talking about? That’s right! My entire dialogue was cut because my German was probably too bad, haha!

Luckily (!) there are interviews in which I was allowed to speak and where people do understand me.

Did you study photography?
Yes, I did! In Italy and England. It was a such a good time! I loved it very much.
I'd also like to be a family or birth photographer. Do you offer Mentoring, Coaching or workshops?
Lucky you, yes! I do! And congratulations on this career decision! I
can honestly say it’s the best job in the world.
I would be honored to introduce you to the art of family and birth photography.
And give you the insights on what it’s really like. It is also important for me to guide you to develop your own voice and find your own style. How about it? Discover more on my mentoring page.
Do you give out RAW files?
No, sorry. That’s a bit like buying a painting and expecting to also get the drafts and sketches. In this case, the RAW file is my sketch and your .JPG file is the finished picture. However, I take the post-production process really seriously and it’s my aim to give you the best pictures possible.
What does it mean that you retain the rights to the images? Why can't I keep everything like use Instagram filters or edit them myself?
It’s serious advice: please keep my (and your own!) pictures safe from any Instagram filter. Back to the actual question. Let me explain it this way: Imagine buying a book. Then it’s yours. You paid for it, it’s yours.

But, those carefully written words, the beautiful sentences, they always remain the work
of the author. You can’t just copy and paste and repurpose the entire book. You can’t change sentences because you like them better in a different way, nor use them as quotes on prints or t-shirts and sell them.

With my photos it is exactly the same: You buy them. They belong to you. You keep and admire it all their lives. But they will always be my property, I as the photographer, will keep the rights. And yes, this is also true if you didn’t release the photos to me for publication.

Do you and your family also book family shoots with other photographers?
Absolutely yes! I am mom and photographer, which means I’m practically never in any family photos We have hundreds of thousands of Papa and Son photos and the few we have with me are often blurry, the focus is wrong, or whatever (thanks, husband!).

So: Yes, we do. After all those nights that I had to stay up with my son, I also deserved to have beautiful family photos, and yes, this means with me in them too!

Do you only photograph in Berlin?
No, I’m available for photo shoots in Germany and worldwide!
Although since the birth of my son Noah my travels are a bit more limited, I still love to be on the road. Germany, although not quite as beautiful as my home country Italy, has many enchanting cities and landscapes and I like to discover new corners.

If you are interested in booking me for a photo shoot outside of Berlin, please write to me and let me know where you live. As soon as I do a few shoots in the same area, we’ll make an appointment. I also recommend subscribing to my newsletter for my upcoming travel dates and photo tours.

Will our photos be published?
Only if you give me permission. I respect your desire for privacy
and would NEVER show your photos and videos to the public without your written permission.
Why do so many families sign the "release form" and give you the photos for publication?
Each family decides for itself. Some families know that I can publish the photos and their surnames will not be revealed. Others are tired of the faked pictures we see every day on Instagram. Like stock photos, where everything is perfect, clean, presentable, well arranged. Some of my families would like to contribute to a more realistic picture of family life and I really appreciate that.

Ok and some people also do it because there is a discount if I’m allowed to publish their photos! 😉

Happy families

Unique photos and family film
Like probably almost every new mummy, my phone is overflowing with baby snapshots and videos, but either are the dad and the baby on it or the quality is miserable. What we were missing were authentic pictures of our little family. But I was terrified of fake photos of drapped babies on sheepskins. Fortunately I found the Chiara’s website and there was hope 🙂 The style is awesome, the pictures are authentic and best of all, the shooting takes place in my own apartment.

When Chiara came to us, it was as if we welcomed an old friend. We continued our family life and she was a guest who took some pictures on the side. Faster than I thought, our morning together was over and I wondered if Chiara could take some nice pictures at all, because you didn’t even notice when she was taking photos. The result blew us away. There were so many great pictures that it was very difficult to decide. Chiara also made a family video that we watched the last days in continuous loop, that’s how beautiful it turned out.
Once again a big THANK YOU and see you soon for the next family sphoto shoot!

Chiara ist unsere Haus- und Hoffotografin seit 6 Jahren. Wir hatten sie zufällig entdeckt und sind seither begeistert. Wir haben schon bei uns Zuhause und draußen geshootet und die Resultate sind einfach nur großartig. Man muss sich vorher keine Gedanken machen oder posieren. Beim Shooting vor allem mit Kindern kommt alles ganz von alleine. Die Kinder spielen oder haben Ideen und Chiara ist einfach mit der Kamera dabei….und so entstehen tatsächlich wahre Kunstwerke. Ein Video gab es beim letzten Shooting sogar noch zusätzlich und plötzlich sehen die eigenen Kinder wie kleine Filmstars darin aus. Chiara ist ihr Geld wert und ich kann sie nur empfehlen!

Do you want to know more? Ok, let's get to the really important things:
Fact 1: I consider a laugh or a smile to be my secret weapon and I am not afraid to use it regularly.

Fact 2: Being a mother is both the best and the hardest thing I have ever done. Full respect to families with more than one child!

Fact 3: In case it wasn’t obvious by now I believe in FAMILY and LOVE. Love makes a family, whatever the constellation: Mum + Dad + Child, Mum + Mum, Dad + Dad, Parents + Grandparents + Pets. You name it!

Fact 4: I adore animals! We are blessed at any age when we can spend time with our furry friends.

Fact 5: I met my German husband in England, said “ciao!” to sunny Italy and “hallo!” to grey Berlin!

Fact 6: I have a twin sister, but unfortunately she is not suitable to step in for me in case of illness – she looks totally different from me!

Fact 7: My German is still pretty bad. Okay, maybe not pretty bad. But still. How hard is this language anyway?

Fact 8: My latest obsession is movies and that includes creating films about families! I learned this skill over two years ago and have been working on my craft ever since. I believe that every family should star in their own little blockbuster.

Fact 9: One of my favourite films is “The Notebook” and anyone who knows it may have already suspected it: my son Noah owes his name to the main character. (Hi Ryan Gosling!)

Fact 10: When I’m not taking pictures or running around after Noah, I love watching TV series with my husband. Discussions about the Game of Thrones finale? Yes please!

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