Birth photography

A birth is the most intimate, perhaps challenging, beautiful and a transformative moment for any family. I turn this miracle into a memory that you can revisit over and over. From the irrepressible strength of mother in labour to the watery eyes of a dad holding his baby in his arms for the first time. I’ll show a side of birth that you cannot see: you both, as a deeply connected couple and that life-changing moment you become parents. I’ll be on hand to document the miracle unfolding in front of you.

Die Geburt eines kleinen Menschen ist ein einmaliger, ja heiliger Moment – lang herbei gesehnt und hoch emotional. Er verändert alles. Für das Baby selbst, die Eltern, den Körper der Mutter, die Familie. Dieser Moment ist so einprägsam, dass sich die meisten Frauen auch nach vielen Jahren noch an bestimmte Momente ihrer Geburt(en) erinnern, als wären sie gestern gewesen. Und dennoch sind diese Stunden voller intensiver Eindrücke, sodass Eltern viele Momente gar nicht bewusst wahrnehmen können. Das mag das liebevolle Streichen und Massieren des werdenden Vaters sein, der erste Blick zwischen Baby und Mama, der erste Schrei oder das erste gemeinsame Kuscheln.

Diese Geschichte bietet so viele erste Male und Augenblicke, die nie wieder kommen werden und festgehalten werden sollten! Für Eltern ist es daher ein besonders emotionaler Moment, wenn sie sich die Bilder der Geburt ihres Kindes gemeinsam anschauen und all die Gefühlsfacetten noch einmal durchlaufen können und sich die verschiedenen Puzzleteile im Nachgang heilsam zusammenfügen und zu einer wunderbaren Erinnerung werden!

Selbstverständlich bleiben diese ganz besonderen und intimen Erinnerungen für Euch privat! Nur diejenigen werden die Bilder sehen, denen Ihr sie zugänglich macht.”

Birth photography

Photo shoot throughout the birth

  • 24 hour on-call service 1 week before and 1 week after the calculated date of birth
  • All files (approximately 50-120 JPG) in full resolution
  • individual, loving retouching of all photos
  • password-protected online gallery
  • Slideshow of your best pictures
  • Your favorite pictures in an individual APP for your smartphone for mobile viewing
  • Directions to the entire Berlin city area included
Price photos WITH publication permission: 1500€*
Price photos WITHOUT publication permission: 1700€
Price photos and video WITH publication permission: 1800€*
Price photos and video WITHOUT publication permission: 2000€

* The low price refers to the fee WITH permission to publish the photos for my website, for blog posts, to illustrate my flyers, etc. (noncommercial). Details will be clarified in the session agreement. Of course, I would be happy to answer any questions in advance.

When do you join us for birth?
Call me as soon as the active phase of the birth begins and then I’ll come immediately to You. The active birth phase begins when the cervix has dilated to 6 cm, or the mother is having regular and strong contractions during which they no longer walk or talk.
Should my midwife/obstetrician know that his birth photographer will be there?
Yes, it’s best to inform them! Normally it is a problem that a photographer is present at the birth, nevertheless it is still a rarity and for some midwives quite the novelty. Therefore it is good to talk about questions or uncertainties beforehand.
Having been through the birthing process with my son, I’m very mindful not to be in the way of your obstetrician and midwives’ work.
What happens if I need an emergency C-section?
Of course, we can also document this birth story. However please note that most of the time I am not allowed to be in the operating theatre (especially when it is an emergency), but rest assured I’ll be there for you before and after.
What if the birth is a planned c-section?
In consultation with the hospital staff, it is sometimes possible that I will have permission to be in the operating theatre as a photographer for an elective c-section. However, this must be agreed on beforehand with the hospital staff.

If I’m not allowed with the operating room, don’t worry, it can still be a beautiful photo shoot. On the way there and of course when you are back at the ward with your baby.

I would like a birth photo shoot, but my partner is against it. Do you have any tips for me?
Ok, don’t worry as this is actually very often the case. I would recommend you both book a get-to-know-you meeting with me. Often partners have simply have concerns that a photographer might disturb the birth or document something that you’d rather keep private. We can talk about all these things without any obligation.

Don’t give up so fast and take some time to think it over! Frankly, it is quite normal that the partner needs a little more time. Here you can also find testimonials from partners who were also apprehensive about a photo shoot in the beginning.

Will you show our photos/videos on the internet?
Only if you give me permission. I respect your desire for privacy
and would NEVER show your photos and videos to the public without your written consent.
We would like to book a birth photo shoot, but our budget is limited. Can we pay in installments?
Yes, of course! I am completely aware that a photo shoot for most family means a large investment. Together we can create a payment plan that then it suits us all. Just get in touch with me and let’s discuss options!

Happy families

Chiara saved me!!! Her photos saved me!

Chiara photographed and filmed my home birth. Went through an existential crisis months after my son’s birth. For weeks, I experienced everything – from bouts of explosive rage to deep melancholy. I nearly lost all hope.
When I was at my worst, looking at my birth photos gave me strength. Reminded me of the inner strength that I (and all of us women) have. Reminded me of pure love – love that ties all living things on the planet together, if only we let it.
I’m eternally grateful to you, Chiara. Your photos saved me!!! Thank you for capturing my birth story. Thank you for giving me the strength to embark on my healing journey. Thank you for helping me heal.
Because of you and the work that you do to help us women see our inner strength, my son will grow up in a better world – one with more male mommies and more female daddies 🙂
And to those of you thinking about getting your birth photographed, don’t even think twice!!! Do it. Just do it.

Your video is awesome! I am moved to tears. We think it’s a shame M. didn’t find out about birth photography until her third pregnancy. Anyway, we all agree that it was a good decision to have YOU there.
The transition from labour to caesarean section to baby was very well done in the video. The chosen music was perfect. You have done such a great job. In the hospital, editing photos, putting together the video. Thanks Chiara, you move me with your Arbeit❣

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