Family photography

I capture the most valuable part of family life: the love of everyday life. The chaos of homework. The beautiful bonding. Capturing reality instead of picture perfect! I show the precious little things which no one has an eye for anymore. Those little things that we will remember later as “the good old days”.

My family photos and children’s photos would like to tell your stories: be it a breakfast together, a family walk or simply “hanging out” and relaxing at home. And your story includes more than just a few photos.





Piccolo – 1,5 hours

  • 1.5 hours of shooting with up to 5 people
  • Preliminary talk & advice via telephone / email
  • Travel time within Berlin*
  • Password-protected online gallery for viewing your photos
  • Loving and artistic image optimization and editing
  • 25, 50 or all images as a file (JPG) in best resolution

* other cities upon request

Medio – 4 hours

  • 4 hours of shooting with up to 5 people
  • Photo documentation at different locations, if desired
  • Preliminary talk & advice via telephone / email
  • Travel time within Berlin *
  • Password-protected online gallery for viewing your photos
  • Loving and artistic image optimization and editing
  • All images as a file (JPG) in best resolution
  • Approximately 100-150 photos

    * other cities upon request

Grande – 8 hours

  • 8 hours of shooting with up to 5 people
  • A complete shooting guide through your everyday life
  • Preliminary talk & advice via telephone / email
  • Travel time within Berlin *
  • Password-protected online gallery for viewing your photos
  • Loving and artistic image optimization and editing
  • All images as a file (JPG) in best resolution
  • Approximately 100-150 photos

    * other cities upon request
What distinguishes a family documentation from classic family photos?

In my shootings I document your family life as it really is. With the pain-distorted face because you stepped on a Lego brick again, or with the toothy grin of the toddler sitting on the kitchen counter dangling his legs. Real is the new awesome. Trust me.

I freeze the moment and the tiny, unremarkable details, which later, when you look at the photos, make you travel back to exactly this situation. My photos are like a time machine back to your childhood together, your time together as a family.

In contrast to classic family photos, there is one basic rule above all: NO POSING! I’m not putting you in “nice clothes.” You’ll never hear the sentence from me either: “Look at the camera and smile.” And you’ll never stand in front of ugly photo backgrounds. I promise.

P.S.: Just because the question keeps coming up: But yes, of course! Of course we will take 10 minutes of our time at the end, to take “granny-photos”. Just normal photos in which you all smile perfectly straight into the camera. ;)

How do I find the right family photographer for me?
To be honest, I cannot answer the question in a single sentence. So let me back up a little.

What do you want to use the photos for? Should they be simple perfect photos to use in your next Christmas card? Then a traditional photo studio is probably a good choice for you.

Geht es euch aber um mehr, geht es euch darum, eure Liebe, Wut, Hoffnung, Witz, Trauer, Scham, Freundschaft, Geborgenheit einzufangen, wollt ihr, dass euer manchmal schier unglaublicher Alltag festgehalten wird, dann seit ihr bei meiner Familiendokumentation besser aufgehoben.

If you have more than one family photographer to choose from, I recommend you:
Decide after you have seen the photographers’ portfolio. Could you imagine your family be in those exact photos?
Do you like how the photographer presents himself/herself on the website?
Would you like to spend an afternoon with this person?
Do the price and the service fit?

If so, contact him/her and find out via e-mail or a phone call whether the chemistry between you and the photographer is good.

For me this chemistry is very, very important. And because good photos are especially created when you are just the way you are, I like to accompany “my families” for a long time.

I am not just a photographer who takes briefly one single photo. I follow you in becoming a family, being a family and everything in between. That’s why I mainly offer packages in which I can meet you at least once a year. This way we are more friends than photographer and client.
This enables me to perceive and capture your characteristics. To see and make your changes visible. To immortalize your most intimate moments without you feeling observed.

There is a difference between sitting in a photo studio for 20 minutes or being accompanied as a family in your own home.

For which families are you the right photographer?
For those who hate being photographed. ;)

For all those who have never really felt comfortable in front of a camera.

For all lively and bright children who wouldn’t even think of sitting still for a photo for minutes.

For all those who want to capture what family life is really like.

For all those who can enjoy the beauty of everyday life.

For all those who want to summon up a little bit of courage to allow me to take an artistic look at their normal lives.

For all those who finally want to have photos in which they recognize themselves and their loved ones.

Why are your shooting capacities limited?
Usually I photograph “my families” over several years. A part of my shooting spots is already reserved from year to year to those families. I take a lot of time for each family and each shooting: preparation, culling and editing are not the same for any family.

My shooting capacities are therefore limited – for logistics reasons and time, but of course also for creativity reasons. Therefore is not always possible to offer appointments on short notice.

If you are interested in a photo shoot, please contact me as soon as possible.

How does a photo shoot with you work?
I visit you somewhere where you feel comfortable: This can be your home, or a coffee shop or a playground. The only condition: It should be a place where you like to be and you can fully relax.

What you will never experience is me saying: “Smile into the camera!” or me setting up huge spotlights and holding them in your faces dazzled by the light. There is no posing, no artificial lighting.

You can just do whatever you want to do: eat cookies, build houses with Lego, drink coffee, throw sand at other children.
This saves you the stress of looking good, smiling, or doing some stupid pose. It also frees you from even thinking about the fact that you are being photographed. You just do what you do best: Be a family.

And I’m there to capture what everyday life gives us.

There is no pressure on you: I’m taking the pictures! And to make them look beautiful is entirely my responsibility. So far I could take heartwarming photos of every family. There are no unphotogenic families!

What do we have to prepare for our shoot?
Nothing at all!
In fact, it’s almost forbidden to prepare anything.

I don’t want you to clean up or get a haircut or wear partner T-shirts. If you feel comfortable with it, it is of course allowed. But honestly, who likes to wear partner look t-shirts or polish their apartment?

Our apartment is too small, too dark or not so nice. Is it still possible to take nice photos here?
I repeat myself, but: Real is the new awesome. Your home is your home and absolutely right as it is.

I’m sure I’ll be able to discover something special in every corner and capture even the most delicate light. And don’t worry: even a chaotic kitchen countertop will not disturb your family photos. After all, I’m not here to capture your expensive interior decoration, but the essence of your family life.

When do we pay you?

 To book the shooting you’ll have to pay a deposit of 100€ to 300€.

When you have seen the photos and chosen your favourites, you will receive the final invoice with the remaining amount by e-mail. Once this is paid, the photos belong to you and you will receive the selected pictures in full resolution.

Do we get all the pictures?

Yes, after I have made a pre-selection with the best and most exciting photos, you can view all photos in your online gallery. Depending on the shooting package you can either download all the pictures or choose the best ones for prints or album.

What if one of us gets sick?

No worries. Then we simply postpone the shoot.

Do you only offer the packages described on your website?

No! I would like to accompany you as a family on a long-term basis. If there are special dates in your calendar, you can book me additionally for it. For example a birthday, baptism or first day of school.

The packages are mainly for orientation. I want you to have an idea what a family documentation costs and which offers many of my families choose.

Of course, I will be happy to put together an individual offer for you that fits your needs.

Do you photograph only in Berlin?

No, I photograph everywhere in Germany (and worldwide).

However, travel costs will be added to the shooting packages if the location is outside Berlin. Write me or simply call me for an individual offer.

I would like to gift a photo shoot with you. Do you also offer vouchers?

Sure! All information about family photo shooting vouchers can be found here.

I din't find my question.

No problem! Write me an E-Mail (info@chiaradoveri.com) or call me. (015788445843)

I look forward to hear from you!

Happy families

“Chiara visit us in Frankfurt and she was incredibly professional, but at the same time she was very nice and friendly!
The result is better than anything I have seen or experienced so far. 1000 thanks & we are very happy to work with her again!”

– Shampa, package Piccolo

“Thank you Chiara for your great work and the beautiful morning we had the pleasure to spend with you. You have captured our family life in a wonderful way, giving us precious memories that become more and more precious every day and year after year. And you have given us a special highlight with the family video. It is simply indescribably beautiful and full of emotion. Thank you very much :-*”

– Franzi, Package Grande

“I always wished beautiful photos of my family and last year my husband gifted me a shooting at Chiara 💕 I got the most beautiful, authentic and great photos of us that I have ever wished for! Chiara is not only an incredibly great photographer, during the shooting she is on one hand part of the family, but on the other hand she is as if she were invisible. She does it so cleverly to capture the best moments so that nobody feels uncomfortable or thinks they have to pretend. The kids loved her from the beginning and they were just like they always are. Chiara is simply a fantastic gift and I am sad I only met her after the birth of both children. Because with her I could have imagine to have photos taken of my kids births and this would not have been an option for me before. Thank Chiara for everything.”

– Katharina, Package Grande

Loving and super friendly photographer with an eye for the details. Our children like Chiara, she was already twice at our place. We will take our photos with Chiara every year. Thank you!

– Dchi

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