Family video

Film captures what a photo can’t. Maybe it’s your child’s voice passionately singing their favourite song. Or little gestures and mannerisms that are uniquely yours. Photos preserve these memories and videos will bring them to life! Why not book a family film along with your photo shoot?

We would like to book a family video + family shooting, but our budget is limited. Can we pay in installments?
Yes, of course! I am completely aware that a photo shoot plus video means a bigger investment for most families. Together, we’ll develop a payment plan that suits us all. Get in touch with me and let’s discuss a solution.
Sorry, I can't imagine what such a family video of us would turn out like.
Ok, this is by far the most common concern I hear about the family videos 😉

I have to admit: family videos are like a mystery bag, and turnout to be a total surprise for every family. Even though I can’t predict how your video will turn out, I can promise it will be magical and that you will love it! If you don’t believe me, read what other families have to say (who also had the same concerns at the beginning… ;))

We want to give you permission to use our photos, but not the video. Is that possible?
Yes of course!

You can choose whether you only want your photos, video, both, or even you don’t want to release anything for publication.

Of course there is a financial discount for those who do give permission for me to publish the photos but if you don’t want to have anything published at all, that’s 100% okay by me! Your privacy will be completely respected.

We'd like just a video, not a photo shoot. Is that possible?
Unfortunately no. Although I’m very flattered you like my videos, I am first and foremost a photographer. The videos are simply the icing on the cake offered for my photo shoot families, but not bookable individually. But you can order the Piccolo package with just a few pictures and a video – how does that sound?

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