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Photography is one of the most beautiful jobs in the world – but it’s also not the easiest. I’m here to help you to break through your own glass ceiling! No matter if it’s about developing your own style or working more professionally. Instead of blah-blah, there’s Italian espresso in my living room, plus real-world tips, tricks and new skills to teach you. In my coaching & workshops, we tackle your next big photography goals!
In my 1:1 coaching and workshops, you’re in charge of the program. These are not one-size-fits-all coaching packages, but are tailored to topics that suit your individual and business needs.
My in-person coaching sessions feel like an educational meets deep conversation afternoon spent with a good friend. I host you in my home in Berlin, with good Italian espresso and so many good tips, new skills, insights and progress as your heart, brain and notebook can take in!

My coaching packages

Personal Coaching

  • 1-to-1 coaching about photography topics of your choice
  • 8 hours of personalized coaching 
  • Depending on your wishes: theoretical and/or practical
  • On request: A family photo shoot to put the new learnings into practice (model release incl.)
  • Lunch
  • Price upon request

No matter where you’re stuck – it’s exactly the right mindset to learn new things. In an all-day personal coaching session with me in my living room in Berlin, I will guide you out of your personal labyrinth with a compass and map and many insider tips.

Whatever you’re doing as a photographer, together we can work on the following: From finding your own style, developing your own voice, starting out as a family photographer or questions about technology. You get to set the theme for the session.

Skype Coaching

  • Location-independent
  • 60 Minutes
Do you have questions about photography technique, working as a family photographer, about equipment and software or workflow processes? Skype Coaching is location-independent and ideal for everyone who needs theoretical input. Whether you want to ask questions, get a portfolio assessment or discuss prices and marketing strategy: Whatever keeps you up at night as a photographer, we’ll get some clarity here.

Price upon request.

Geburtsfotografie Workshop in Berlin

  • Ethics in birth photography
  • Finding your own artistic language
  • Technical challenges
  • Challenges of on-call duty
  • Culling and editing
  • Marketing, find dream customers
  • Pricing
  • Political Work/Public Relations
  • Publications

10th and 11th October 2020

Birth photography is intense, unique, and sometimes demands everything from you. Experienced birth photographers Chiara Doveri and Marcia Fries share their valuable knowledge in a 2-day intimate workshop. From planning to managing unexpected situations, all while capturing beautiful photographs at this sensitive and sometimes difficult event, as well as post-production techniques and birth attendant guidelines. This is a unique and special opportunity for all those who want to improve their skills or begin their birth photography career.

Early bird tickets until 1.06.2020: 950,00€ + 19% VAT

Regular price: 1250,00€ + 19% VAT

4th-5th April 2020, in Berlin is booked out!

10th and 11th  October 2020 A FEW PLACES AVAILABLE

Familienfotografie Workshop in Berlin. 

Stell dir vor… 

  • du lernst, wie du deine ganz persönliche, künstlerische Bildsprache entwickelst – und die Menschen deine Fotos unter tausenden anderen wiedererkennen und lieben
  • du kannst von der Fotografie leben – und zwar gut und erfüllt
  • du hast nur noch Lieblingskund*innen, die dich als Mensch und Künstlerin wertschätzen und mit denen du gern Zeit verbringst
  • du weißt, wie du deine Wunschkund*innen findest, dein Marketing aufstellen musst, Preise kalkulierst, deinen Workflow optimierst und dein Business erfolgreich positionierst
  • du hast zwei deutschlandweit führende Familienfotografinnen als Expertinnen an deiner Seite, die dich unterstützen und anleiten

Wir zeigen dir, wie du dein Business als dokumentarische Familienfotografin erfolgreich etablierst!

Nach dem Onlinekurs wirst du wissen:

  • was ein gutes Foto ausmacht und wie du deine eigene „Stimme“ entwickelst

  • wie du Kund*innen findest, mit denen du gern Zeit verbringst und die dich als Mensch und Künstlerin wertschätzen

  • wie du von deiner Fotografie gut leben kannst

  • wie du die gestellte, klassische Studiofotografie hinter dir lässt und dich voll und ganz der natürlichen Familienfotografie widmest

  • wie du aus deiner Passion ein ernstzunehmendes Business machst

Mehr über den Kurs

Der 8-wöchige begleitete Kurs findet ausschließlich online statt. Du kannst ihn ganz bequem in deinem Tempo durcharbeiten.

In einer wertschätzenden, motivierten Community lernst du, wie du als Familienfotografin erfolgreich wirst. Wir stärken uns gegenseitig und wachsen gemeinsam.

Chiara Doveri und Marcia Friese leiten den Kurs. In einer geschlossenen Facebook-Gruppe, die nur den Kursteilnehmerinnen zugänglich ist, erhältst du direkt Feedback von den beiden Fotografinnen – und kannst dich auch mit den anderen Teilnehmerinnen austauschen.


“Dear Chiara, after having slept one night and having reflected on yesterday, I am still totally blown away by your wonderful work.
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, skills and visions as a documentary family photographer, in a cosy living room atmosphere with Italian espresso. It was really a successful relaxed workshop paired with an exchange at the same eye level.
Thank you very much for your open, humorous and authentic way – not a second was boring and I took a lot of know-how with me.
I really hope we will meet again soon!”

– Juliane, 1 day 1-1 Coaching

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